Defra Agency is Original Carbon Client

The Original Carbon Company is delighted to announce that it has been commissioned by the CRC (Commission for Rural Communities) to undertake a carbon audit of its premises and operations.  The review, which has now been completed, has identified the most carbon-intensive parts of their operations and made recommendations on how premises carbon can be reduced.  Mike Rigby, CEO of The Original Carbon Company, commented, “We are very pleased that we were able to beat off stiff competition to secure this prestigious commission and assist the CRC in reducing its climate impacts.  The audit, which incorporated elements from Scopes 1, 2 & 3 was undertaken using the principles of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, assuring credibility and comparability.”

Russell Inquiry Finds no Evidence of Data Manipulation at CRU

The Russell Inquiry into the conduct of climate scientists at the Climate Research Unit at University of East Anglia has reported.  The Inquiry found that scientists had not withheld data.

Climate sceptics had claimed that e-mails leaked in the run up to COP15 in Copenhagen, showed that CRU scientists had manipulated and suppressed climate data. The report dismisses these accusations.  Neither did the review find anything in the e-mails to undermine Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports.

The review, chaired by Sir Muir Russell, has pored over submissions from the CRU and sceptics and heard from the scientists themselves.  It finds that “their rigour and honesty as scientists are not in doubt”.

The Inquiry did find, however, that “there has been a consistent pattern of failing to display the proper degree of openness”, especially in respect of compliance with Freedom of Information requests.

Sir Muir said, “It’s inevitable that people who’ve made up their minds (beforehand) have made up their minds,” he said. He added, however, that the methods the inquiry team used ought to allay fears that this was a whitewash.

This is the third inquiry to report on the issues raised by the leaked emails and delivers similar findings, i.e. that while some of the scientists’ work was disorganised and that Freedom of Information requests were mishandled, the accuracy of the CRU’s work was not in question.  Despite this, high profile climate sceptics appear determined to cling to the episode as evidence of a conspiracy at the heart of climate science.

Mike Rigby, CEO of The Original Carbon Company said “The sceptics’ determination to point to the leaked emails as evidence that the temperature record has been in some way falsified or manipulated now looks desperate.  Three inquiries have now found that the science is sound despite some concerns about the scientists’ openness.  The issue is closed and the sceptics will need to try and find some other angle to criticise the work of the IPCC.”