Free Corporate Carbon Audits

To celebrate our rebranding, Original Carbon are expanding our free carbon audit offer to firms with up to 200 staff!

Customers are increasingly asking their suppliers what they are doing about climate change. The first step to managing your carbon emissions is to quantify them. If you have not measured it, you cannot manage it! Once a business knows its carbon footprint, it can go about reducing it and maybe offsetting the residual, unavoidable emissions.

We specialise in helping our clients leverage maximum marketing benefit from their environmental achievements.

In order to take advantage of this time-limited offer, just call The Original Carbon Company on 0207 193 8900 and we will take you through the process.

*offer open to businesses with fewer than 201 employees and two business premises or fewer. Call us for a competitive quote if these criteria do not apply to you.

Bishops Lydeard Party in the Park is Carbon Neutral

Original Carbon has made Bishops Lydeard Party in the Park ( carbon neutral. The event, held on 3rd September 2011, attracted 1,500+ people to enjoy music from Luna Gitana Flamenco Company, Antarctica, The Darlingtons and Area 52. Covered in the scope of the carbon audit were the power used, both grid and generator supplied, together with artist travel. Emissions were offset through credits from Hydropower Plants in Chongqing, Yunnan, Sichuan and Guizhou Provinces, China.

Goodbye Copenhagen, Hello Original

The Failed Gamble

Well, we threw the dice and it didn’t quite work out! When we launched Copenhagen Carbon Management two years ago we chose the name in anticipation that COP15 in Copenhagen would give rise to ‘The Copenhagen Protocol’, a new framework for global greenhouse gas reductions to replace The Kyoto Protocol. And what did we get? The measly ‘Copenhagen Accord’! Instead of becoming synonymous with carbon and climate change the name ‘Copenhagen’ became temporarily associated with failure and then just as the capital of Denmark. It lost its relevance to climate change. After the disappointment, we at Copenhagen Carbon gritted our teeth and soldiered on with the name but increasingly it became clear that, while we do have an office there, the name was leading clients to believe that we just operated in Denmark! So we set about the search for a new name and, not trusting ourselves after picking Copenhagen Carbon, we employed the branding talents of Leap Design and wordsmith Jez Prins. After much discussion and scribbling on Post-it notes, we arrived at The Original Carbon Company. The name is bold and reflects the fact that our boss, Mike Rigby, is one of the true pioneers in the establishment of the voluntary carbon market having started in the field 10 years ago, first founding project developer co2balance and being one of the original signatories at the formation of the
International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance, the industry’s first trade body. So, goodbye Copenhagen Carbon and hello Original Carbon…….

What Will The Change Mean?

Operationally, not a lot. Our consultants will continue to provide high quality greenhouse gas audits and reduction programmes using methodologies including PAS2060, ISO -14064 and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Our carbon project managers will continue to scour the planet in order to assemble the most diverse, high quality, best value portfolio of carbon credits available anywhere. We have taken the opportunity to update our website, including a new page enabling us to show, in real-time, the range of carbon credits that we hold in stock and the current prices, which we defy our competitors to beat. Hopefully the new name will help make it clear to potential clients that our operations aren’t restricted to the land of Carlsberg beer, bacon and the Little Mermaid ……much as we love Denmark.

To celebrate the change in name, we are expanding our popular offer of free greenhouse gas audits for UK companies to encompass those with up to 200 members of staff and up to 2 premises. For your free audit, undertaken to GHG Protocol Standard, get in touch with us on 0207 193 8900 before 16th September 2011.

Original Carbon – If Carlsberg did carbon offsetting…………………..