Carbon Reselling

uploads/2011/08/partner.png” alt=”” title=”Link to Carbon Reselling Page” width=”240″ height=”91″ class=”alignright size-full wp-image-242″ />The Original Carbon Company has huge experience in assisting companies to become sellers of carbon credits in their own right.  Many parts of the world have either no or poor coverage in terms of carbon supply.  As such, many opportunities exist to establish commercial carbon sales operations, providing offsets to new markets.

If you are interested in exploring the opportunities that lie here contact us to discuss how The Original Carbon Company can help you achieve your goals.  You may wish to establish as a stand-alone carbon management operator and we can teach you how to do that.  Or you may prefer to enter an introductory arrangement with The Original Carbon Company whereby we provide the services to your existing clients or new opportunities in exchange for an introduction fee.  It is also possible for us to provide the services under your brand name.

These arrangements can provide a valuable additional source of income for your organisation in these challenging economic times.