Credit Portfolio

offsetting your carbon emissions, to make your business carbon neutral, why not make the most of your investment? Original Carbon has an extensive portfolio of credits for our clients to use to offset their carbon emissions.

There is much talk these days about Charismatic Carbon, but what does it mean? It is possible to find carbon credits from projects that do much more than merely reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For example, hydroelectric projects that provide water for irrigation, new transport links, jobs, education and power to previously unconnected communities. All these additional benefits are delivered as ‘side-effects’ of the carbon-saving goal. This is Charismatic Carbon. How much better to invest in such projects than a scheme that, say, destroy industrial greenhouse gases with no co-benefits.

Original Carbon helps its clients offset their emissions through carbon credits sourced from a number of carefully selected partners or from its own projects as follows: –

  • The Kasigau Corridor REDD Project – Rukinga Sanctuary Forest
    Kenya – REDD/VCS – £6.90
  • Gansu Anxi 100.5 MW Wind Farm Project
    China – Gold Standard – £8.00
  • uploads/2011/08/antai.jpg” alt=”” title=”Antai Waste Gas Recovery” />
    Antai Waste Gas Recovery
    China – Gold Standard – £7.90
  • Yunnan Dali Zhemoshan Wind Power Project
    – VCS – £2.50

We are able to supply a diverse range of credits from all over the world covering the full range of technologies including wind, hydro-electric, biomass and other larger scale projects. Crucially, all the credits we sell are issued. That means that the carbon saving is assured and has already been verified to have taken place; beware of forward-sold credits that may not actually deliver the promised carbon saving. All projects are carefully selected to ensure that the highest international standards have been met. As such the majority of our credit portfolio is drawn from projects approved to the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS), The Gold Standard (GS) and the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). Original Carbon has made the Gold Standard Pledge – that at least 55% of its credit portfolio will comprise Gold Standard credits by 2012.

As one of the drivers and founders of carbon industry standards body, ICROA, our CEO Mike Rigby has established Original Carbon to comply with ICROA’s 6 tests for credible carbon offsets, as follows: –

Real – All emission reductions and removals and the project activities that generate them must be proven to have genuinely taken place.
Measurable – All emission reductions and removals must be quantifiable, using recognised measurement tools (including adjustments for uncertainty and leakage), against a credible emissions baseline.
Permanent – Credits should represent permanent emission reductions and removals. Where projects carry a risk of reversibility, as minimum, adequate safeguards must be in place to ensure that the risk is minimised and that, should any reversal occur, a mechanism is in place that guarantees the reductions or removals will be replaced or compensated. These conditions will be superimposed on emissions reductions and removals validated and verified by any ICROA approved offset standard that requires additional permanence conditions.
Additional – Project-based emission reductions and removals must be additional to what would have occurred if the project had not been carried out. ICROA members are required to demonstrate that the project would not have occurred without the availability of carbon finance. These conditions will be superimposed on emission reductions and removals validated and verified by any ICROA approved offset standard that uses an alternate additionality test.
Independently verified – All emission reductions and removals must be verified to a reasonable level of assurance by an independent third party verifier accredited under one of the ICROA approved offset standards in the sector in which the project is taking place.
Unique – No more than one credit can be associated with a single emission reduction or removal. Offsets must be stored and retired in an independent registry.

Credits bought by our clients are recorded at independent registries such as Markit to provide third party assurance that the credits are real and not double-counted.

Original Carbon’s CEO, a pioneer in the world of carbon management, continues this tradition of high quality carbon management through the exceptional portfolio of credits offered by Original Carbon. We actively encourage our clients to undertake in-depth due diligence of our credit portfolio and are happy to work with them to help them see beyond the standard to which projects have been developed.

Original Carbon is registered with the UK Environment Agency to trade in CERs.