GHG Audit

The first step in carbon management is often to undertake an audit of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with an organisation, product or service.  This is sometimes called carbon footprinting.  It is only once we have a proper understanding of these emissions that we can begin to manage them.  The Original Carbon Company is very experienced in providing such audits, which are produced to Internationally-recognised standards including the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, ISO 14064-1 and PAS 2060 for organisational levels.  We can also undertake audits of goods and services using ISO 14040 and PAS 2050.

We offer a ‘data-mining’ service whereby our consultants visit a client and assess their data for them in order to produce a greenhouse gas audit.  This saves the client having to extract the relevant information themselves.  In essence, you can put our consultant in a room with the files and we’ll do the rest.

All consultants have been trained by the Greenhouse Gas Institute.

The Original Carbon Company works with its clients to identify areas of operation where efficiency savings in energy use can be achieved, cutting cost and carbon.  Such exercises can be undertaken to support: –

  • Stand-alone carbon management or corporate carbon reduction strategy;
  • Carbon Disclosure Project;
  • Carbon Reduction Commitment.