Why Use Original Carbon?

There are many orgainsations out there offering to offset your emissions and help you become carbon neutral. Why use The Original Carbon Co?

• Original Carbon is run by Mike Rigby, one of the most established and trusted names in the area of carbon management;
• All credits are independently validated and verified by trusted global organisations such as DNV and TÜV – you don’t have to take our word for it;
• All credits sold have been issued. This means that the carbon saving has demonstrably occurred. There is no risk that the project you have invested in may not deliver the envisaged carbon savings;
• All credits used for offset purposes are logged and retired in an independent registry ensuring that they are real and are only used once;
• Low cost, despite all these benefits, our costs are amongst the lowest available anywhere. How do we achieve this? By tightly controlling our overheads and by passing on recent falls in the cost of delivering carbon saving projects.